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Our Christmas Card | 2015

It’s no secret that we procrastinate in getting our Christmas cards out every year. We just like to wait as long as possible and then take bets on if they’ll arrive before Christmas. 😉 Welllll, we definitely would have lost that bet this year as the magic machine at the post office didn’t like our mailing labels (even though they were the same as last year’s when we had no issues) and almost half of the cards were sent back to us. (Insert all the frustration faces here.) So, I spent an hour at the post office trying to remedy the situation on the rainy evening of Dec. 23rd. I know not all of them were delivered, and a lot of them arrived late – but hey, lesson learned, right?! Sure, we’ll say that. 😉 Hopefully those of you who actually received your card enjoyed it – we just like to spread a bit of cheer if we can.:)




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