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Recent Happenings with the Smiths | St. George Island

Getting back into the swing of everyday life after a beach vacation is difficult, amiright?! We just recently traveled to St. George Island, FL with the Smith side of the family and had such a wonderful, fun, and relaxing vacation. Now, don’t get me wrong, road-tripping with 3-yr old and 1-yr old for 1600+ miles round-trip is no laughing matter. But once we had our toes in the sand and salty breeze in our faces, all was well with the world.

We stayed in a large rental house on the St. George Island Plantation. It was a lovely gated community that offered a serene and beautiful environment that truly focused on spending time relaxing with the ones you love. The beaches were clean and not crowded, the boardwalks and other amenities were well maintained. It’s a place I could definitely see us going back to. The only downside was that the nearby towns (just across the 4-mile bridge to the mainland) didn’t offer too much in the way of shops and restaurants. There were a handful of cute, local shops – but many of them closed early (we’re talking 5:30pm or 6pm). Luckily, our crew planned on staying in/around the house most of the week, so we cooked meals in and just focused on being together. We did have one evening where all the kiddos stayed at the house with Mamaw & Papaw so the big kids could go out to eat.:)And we had a great time! We ate at a great little place, that was right on the water (in the little town of Apalachicola) called Boss Oyster. I’ve never really been one for seafood. But you guys, I tried OYSTERS. (They were baked, not raw, but STILL. I was proud of myself.) And even better, they were really good! Maybe I do like seafood… 😉

This was Charlotte Mae’s first vacation (and not-to-mention, first time to a beach!) and she loooooved to play in, and run in (aaaand occasionally eat) the sand. It took a few days for her and Oscar to warm up to the ocean, but they eventually got the idea that the waves just kept on coming in whether you’re ready for them or not! 😉

St. George Island PhotographyOne evening, we all headed back out to the beach after dinner. For weeks prior to the trip, Oscar had been talking about and practicing fishing with his new Avengers fishing pole. He made a few good casts, but then moved on to something else. Still made for a cute photo, though.:)st_george_island_photography_02st_george_island_photography_03I had to post this last one of Brandon’s brother fishing, because, well, JUST LOOK AT THE PRETTINESS of that water and sky.:)st_george_island_photography_04



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