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Seattle Vacation

At the end of August, we took our very first vacation as a family of 3! It’s taken me for-e-vah to do this blog post because I feel guilty working on my own photos when I have client work to do – I struggle to find a balance there.:)I did, however, want to share these photos with you, Internet, to give you a glimpse into our little world. And I also don’t want to forget. I don’t want to forget how nervous/anxious/annoyingly-OCD I was before leaving for the airport, how Oscar charmed the rows of passengers behind us on the plane, and even amid the stresses of traveling with a bebe, how amazing it is to share it all with my best friend, Brandon.

Brandon and I have always loved to travel. And we hope to instill that love of travel in our son. And just based off of Oscar’s first trip, I think he’s going places. 😉 He was a fantastic flyer. He napped, he snacked, and he flirted with the lady in the seat behind us. And then Oscar did really well, too. I’m just kidding.:):):)In all seriousness, I cannot be more happy with how Oscar handled the plane ride. Makes me just want to pack-up and go somewhere else.

(The majority of these photos were taken with our Canon S100 so we didn’t have to bust out the big cameras the entire trip.):)

Our good friends, Shannon & Matt (and Mason!) relocated out to a suburb of Seattle last year, and we’ve been anxious to go and visit them. We spent our first few nights staying with them in the quaint mountain-side town of Issaquah. We spent our days catching up, lounging around watching movies, walking to the nearby Starbucks, and making some great dinners. Oooh, except we did order pizza one day from a local pizza place (holla for Zeek’s pizza). Then we rented a mini-van and ventured off on a long-weekend get-away to the Olympic Peninsula. We mapped it out, and figured we could drive down and around the Sound, OR we could take the ferry. And what’s a visit to Seattle without traveling by ferry boat?! Here’s all of us on the Bainbridge Island ferry.

Taking a road trip with two kiddos under the age of 16 months can be a bit challenging.:)So we stopped at a few different locations to get out and play for a bit. Here’s Oscar and I playing at a park in Forks, WA. (Which, for all you Twilight fans, was kind of a downer of a town – I mean, no hot vampires or shirtless werewolves to be found ANYWHERE.) 😉

We also stopped by for a quick mini-hike through one of the largest temperate rainforests in the US, the Hoh Rainforest. It would have been awesome to do a full hike there, but it does prove to be a bit of a challenge hiking with a 10-month old strapped to you.:)

Our next stop was Ruby Beach – we made it to the Pacific Ocean!:)This was the only time it rained in our entire 8-day trip, and even then, it was just kinda drizzly – not even that hard of a rain. So each couple took turns walking down to the beach so the kiddos could stay in the car to nap and snack and stay out of the cold rain.

That night, we stayed at Lake Quinault, which was by far a favorite stop. The lodge was gooooorgeous, and the entire surrounding just exuded relaxation. We stayed in a fireplace room in that little side building to have more space as the lodge rooms are a bit smaller.

Here was the view from our room.:)

That next morning, I brought my coffee out on the patio to enjoy the beautiful view, and Oscar enjoyed running back and forth from patio to room, to glass door, to patio, to room…:)

After our one-night stay at Lake Quinault (not long enough by ANY means!) – we parted ways from Shannon & Matt and spent a few days in Seattle with just our little family. I was curious to see how much we would be able to actually do while in town just due to Oscar’s mood/nap schedule – but he was content with watching the busy world around him from his stroller, and when he tired of that, he drifted off to sleep for an hour or so at a time. He was quite the trooper. Each day, we would go back to our hotel mid-afternoon to freshen up, and let Oscar run around our room before heading back out for dinner. It was a relaxed schedule – which was perfect.

We spent the majority of our time walking around Pike Place Market. Our hotel was only about 6 blocks away from there, so it was easy to walk down and grab a breakfast sandwich from Beechers, some fresh fruit from the market, and a coffee from, where else? Starbucks.:)I just love the fresh market culture and wish it was a bigger scene back home in Indiana.

One of our favorite pastimes is to find bookstores. We could spend hours upon hours in a bookstore like the Elliot Bay Book Company (left) or small used bookstores, like Lamplight Books (right), which was tucked into a small corner inside the market.

We actually opted to not go up the Space Needle. “Why?” you ask? Because we only had time for one other stop before our trip came to a close, and we wanted to see the full cityscape with the Needle included! So we chose our last stop to be Kerry Park. A fellow photog friend, Gail, mentioned that we go there for a spectacular view of downtown Seattle. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! We did, actually, hike the mini-mountains of the Queen Anne neighborhood (think, like, the steep streets of San Francisco) to get to this park. Oscar didn’t mind the hike, as he was all reclined back and chillin’ in his stroller. 😉 But after our trip to the park, that gave me a reason to have 2 desserts that night after dinner.:)

We absolutely loved this part of the country, and we can’t wait to make it back for another visit. We didn’t even scratch the surface on what this beautiful city has to offer, so you can guarantee we’ll be back (I tooootally just said that like the Terminator in my head just now). 😉



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