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Emily, Scott, Avery, & Samantha | Bloomington Family Photography

We went back and forth on if we needed to reschedule this session due to the chance of rain – but I am soooo stinkin’ glad that we went for it and made this shoot happen when we did! Emily & Scott bought their house in Bloomington at the beginning of winter last year, so this was their first fall at their new home. I know that Emily really wanted to capture the fall colors in their photos because….their backyard?! Just dizzyingly beautiful.:)I could have stood there and watched the leaves shower down all day long.

bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_01Are you kidding me with this cuteness?! These girls are so adorable.bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_02Avery is such a sweetie. And she was workin’ it for the camera. 😉bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_03bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_04Love this. Samantha has such a sweet little face!bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_05bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_06Avery was very proud of her new boots, so Brandon captured this.:)I love how she’s crossing her fingers in this photo.bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_07bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_08There’s a trail just beyond their yard that leads down to a little creek. Just a perfect place to explore – aaaand take photos. Obvs.:)bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_09bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_10bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_11bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_12I love this image so much.:)bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_13bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_14bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_15bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_16Can we talk about the perfection that is Samantha’s eyelashes?! I mean, really. 😉bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_17:)bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_18bloomington_family_photography_emily&family_19


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