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Erin, Jeff, Killian, & Regan | Alki Beach | Seattle Family Photography

We recently traveled to Seattle – aaaaaand almost didn’t come back. 😉 I’ll post our personal photos at a later time, but this week I want to share three adorable families that we had the pleasure of working with while in town. To start things off, let me re-introduce you to Erin, Jeff, Killian, & Regan. This crew used to live in Indianapolis, but then relocated to Seattle a couple of years ago. And I don’t blame them one bit – Seattle is GORGEOUS. You have the water, the mountains, the climate. Ok, you caught me. I’m jealous. 😉

We held their shoot in West Seattle at Seacrest Park which boasted great views of the skyline, then we had a quick drive over to Alki Beach for the remainder of the shoot. Alki Beach had a very different vibe there from what we were expecting in Seattle – it felt more like southern California! There’s a paved trail where people would roller blade and bike past, volley ball nets (a tournament was going on while we were there!), and a sandy beach where kiddos could play.

And now, on to the photos! Their T-shirts make me happy.:)seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_01Love love LOVE that image on the right.seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_02EEEEK – Regan’s little grin here killllls me. A favorite!seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_03seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_04seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_05Sweet boys.seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_06seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_07seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_08seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_09seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_10Adorable driftwood jumping.:)seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_11seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_12LOVE.seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_13seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_14seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_15I love how you can see his little lip sticking out while he concentrates! Brandon’s view, btw.seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_16And my view.:)seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_17Near the end of the shoot, the boys were pretty well soaked – they did some serious splashing in the water.seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_18seattle_family_photographers_erin&family_19


PS – Killian and I are BFFs now.:)(And don’t mind my hot mess of frizzy hair – not used to that salty sea breeze. 😉 )


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