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Heather, Doug, Jacob, & Ella

We always love getting together with this awesome family! They live in Atlanta these days, and I was pumped to hear they were coming to town and wanted to get some photos taken! And since we’ve seen them last, they’ve grown their little family by one sweet little girl.:)Ella is so adorable and I definitely think that she and Jacob look so much alike. But, I suppose you can be the judge, too… 😉

pickering_2014_01She has the prettiest eyes!pickering_2014_02Such a ridiculously good-lookin’ family.:)pickering_2014_03pickering_2014_04pickering_2014_05pickering_2014_06We asked Jacob to go stand next to his Mom and then this just happened. He’s so funny!pickering_2014_07And then he wanted to do exactly what his Daddy was doing…:)pickering_2014_08pickering_2014_09Gorgeous little lady!pickering_2014_10Jacob is such a sweet big brother. I think he loves his sis.pickering_2014_11A favorite. Obviously. 😉pickering_2014_12Sibling love is awesome. Even when it involves picking each other’s noses. Ha!pickering_2014_13pickering_2014_14Jacob is still such a little explorer…pickering_2014_15pickering_2014_16pickering_2014_17pickering_2014_18pickering_2014_19Another favorite!pickering_2014_20pickering_2014_21pickering_2014_22OK, ok. One more favorite! (Jacob looks soooo grown up here!)pickering_2014_23And then…Ella was done for. Haha!:)pickering_2014_24



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