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Kacey | Indianapolis Senior Photography

Hoorayyyy for our first high school senior shoot!!!:)We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Kacey is AWESOME and sooo funny! I asked Kacey what she was most looking forward to this upcoming year, and her response? Football season. Brandon then chimed in, “What do you play? Left tackle?” He chuckles. Kacey replies coolly, “Nope, quarterback’s girlfriend.” OH SNAP!:)I thought that was hilarious. But seriously, Kacey, you have such an amazing future ahead of you – and after working with you and seeing these photos, if you wanted to go after modeling, I think you got what it takes!:)Kacey is the oldest of five girls – FIVE! And we got to meet one of her sisters as she came along for moral support (and assisted with the essential outfit/hair changes). Let me tell you, these girls are such amazing people! They are both so down to earth and just love to laugh and have fun. And that’s definitely my favorite part of any shoot, being able to laugh.:)

Love this.

Kacey was super happy when we put her in front of this door…”yellow is my FAVORITE color!”

Love this one.

AHH! These are cute, too. I can’t decide which ones I like best. I love them all.

As the shoot went on, her hair kept looking better and better. Whereas mine frizzed and frizzed…ah, such is life. 😉

This one is sooo cute!


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