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Lindsey, Sam, & Beckham | Greenwood Family Photography

We don’t typically schedule many sessions in December, as we try to spend as much time with our family and friends as possible (…as a way of saying, “Sorry we haven’t seen you for the past 6 months!” Ha!) But when Lindsey & Sam reached out asking for a quick shoot at their home, I couldn’t resist. I popped by Wednesday afternoon to meet little Beckham (8 weeks) – and he is absolutely perfect.

beckham_2mo_01Beckham was so relaxed the entire time…such a sweetie!beckham_2mo_02beckham_2mo_03Can we take a minute and observe the perfection of this nursery?! Beyond adorable.beckham_2mo_04beckham_2mo_05Beckham is sooooo loved. I don’t think I’ve seen Sam smile that big before. 😉beckham_2mo_06beckham_2mo_07A favorite!beckham_2mo_08This photo makes me miss those little baby snuggles…just nothing better.beckham_2mo_09beckham_2mo_10Another favorite!beckham_2mo_11beckham_2mo_12beckham_2mo_13beckham_2mo_14beckham_2mo_15…I don’t think he was so sure about me… 😉beckham_2mo_16beckham_2mo_17beckham_2mo_18beckham_2mo_19


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