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Marina, Nic, & George | Indianapolis Family Photography

One of the many reasons we love what we do is because of all the awesome people we meet. We just recently met Marina at Megan & Matt’s wedding in October, and after seeing the images, she knew she wanted to book a family session with us. (If you could see my face, I’m blushing…) 😉 Just 4 months ago, Marina & Nic welcomed baby George into the world, and he is just PRECIOUS. When Marina told us she wanted to capture some photos at their home with pj’s on, we were sold.:)

Indianapolis Family Photographersindianapolis_family_photography_george02Such a good-lookin’ family, right here.:)George’s expression…ha!indianapolis_family_photography_george03indianapolis_family_photography_george04Just LOOK at that sweet face! I would get nothing done with him around – I’d just snuggle him all the livelong day. 😉indianapolis_family_photography_george05indianapolis_family_photography_george06indianapolis_family_photography_george07indianapolis_family_photography_george08indianapolis_family_photography_george09LOVE this.indianapolis_family_photography_george10indianapolis_family_photography_george11A favorite!indianapolis_family_photography_george12Once the sun dropped a bit in the sky, we did venture outside for a few photos…but sweet George was about done…soooo sleepy…indianapolis_family_photography_george13…so Brandon took some photos of these two lovebirds while I snuggled with George.:)indianapolis_family_photography_george14Another favorite! George was OOOOUT.:)indianapolis_family_photography_george15indianapolis_family_photography_george16


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