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Amy & Ryan’s wedding day was SO MUCH FUN!:)Yes, it was hot. And humid. But you know what?! Everyone was all smiles. All day long.:)The wedding ceremony was held at St. Roch just south of downtown Indianapolis, with the reception at Crane Bay.

Amy & Ryan are just the sweetest couple and having the opportunity to capture their day just means the world to us. We’ve worked with Amy’s family on a few different occasions (Katie & Justin’s wedding in 2011, Deanna & Keith’s wedding in 2009), which makes us see how much we’ve grown in our own photography! Wow! And to know that we’ve been part of so many special family moments brings us so much joy. (Aaaaand I may be wiping a tear from my eye as I type this…) OK, ok, on to the photos! I had a hard time narrowing them down, so sorry (I’m not sorry) for the long post. 😉

Indianapolis Wedding Photography, St. Roch, Crane BayAmy’s dress was absolute perfection. It was meant for her.crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_02crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_03These two shared letters with each other just before walking down the aisle. A very sweet moment.crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_04crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_05crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_06I spy a sweet little flower girl…Kinsley is so stinkin’ cute.:)crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_07crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_08crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_09

Love this photo that our 3rd shooter, Eldon, captured of the recessional!crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_10First moment as Mr. & Mrs.!crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_11This guy. He’s awesome.:)We were taking the family portraits and turn around to see Father drinking a frosty brew. Love it.:)crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_12The reception was in downtown Indianapolis at Crane Bay. A newer venue (our first time shooting there!) – very cool space!crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_13crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_14This crew was a blast to be around! Amy & Ryan have some awesome friends and family.:)crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_15You know, that rhythm will eventually get you. 😉crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_16crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_17:)crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_18Amy’s dad gave a lovely welcome toast.crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_19crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_20Amy’s matron of honor, Katie, gave some solid wedding advice in her speech. Words of advice from her 3rd grade students.:)My favorite: “If Ryan tries to kiss you, you just gotta let it happen.” HA!crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_21crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_22crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_23crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_24crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_25crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_26Eldon playing around with some multiple exposure settings on this photo.:)crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_27crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_28We stole the newlyweds away for a few more photos at sundown. My view.crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_29Brandon’s view.crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_30This photo was really just a test photo making sure the light was correct. But I just wanted to post it to prove that I AM funny. 😉crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_31crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_32Back to the party!crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_33Get it!:)crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_34crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_35Alrighty Scott & Colleen – you call us when you schedule the big day – it’s ooooobviously in the near future since you both won the bouquet/garter toss. 😉 4/4 Hatfield weddings would be crazy-awesome. (wink wink nudge nudge) 😉 😉 😉crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_36crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_37Don’t worry. It was shot on blur-pose. (Get it?! I’m ridiculous, I know.) 😉crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_38Love it.:)crane_bay_indianapolis_photography_amy&ryan_39



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    I don’t know how you do it, but I am so grateful that you do. Since you joined our family through Deanna, we have been blessed and enriched by so many of your precious photos of our family. Weddings of Keith and De, Katie, Amy, infant photos of the kids, engagement photos – thank you. Thank you.ReplyCancel

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