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Bekah & Josh | Greenwood Wedding Photography

Bekah and Josh are married! GAH! I don’t even know where to begin. We’ve been friends with Bekah for years, and to be able to share in her wedding day just means the world to us. We’ve had people ask us before if we’d rather be guests or photographers at a friends’ wedding – while we’d be incredibly happy with either, we feel so honored when we are asked to be the photographer in such a situation. Because, as photographers, we get to witness the entire day and share in all the little moments that make the day so incredibly special. It is an honor that we don’t take lightly and truly ENJOY.:)

While we didn’t get the snow we were all hoping for (thanks El Ninõ) – it was still a perfect day.:)The ceremony and reception both took place at Dye’s Walk just south of Indianapolis.

greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_01Make-up by the incredibly talented Ashley Neu.greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_02greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_03Bekah and her father – so sweet.greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_04This is in the running for favorite photo.:)Bekah and her sisters (on left) are making the same face, then Alicia and Dana (who are sisters) are making the same face. Sistah-sistah! Cracks me up!greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_05Look at these guys…all handsome and such.:)greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_06greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_07greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_08Just before walking down the aisle…greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_09greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_10greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_11Mr. & Mrs.!!greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_12I love these two images. Like, luuuuuuurve them. Y’all look so hot!:)greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_13greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_14A favorite! The air was chilly, but the light was warm – definitely did not feel like a January wedding.greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_15greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_16:)greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_17Love how the Best Man did a selfie during his toast! Ha!greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_18Then the bridesmaids prepared a little musical “snack” for the couple!:)LOVE IT.greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_19greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_20greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_21The father-daughter/mother-son dances get me every time. Especially when they are so heartfelt. Love love love.greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_22

…then it was party time! OOOOOH Bekah. We adore you.:):):)greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_23greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_24greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_25We also set up a photo booth…and good times ensued.:)greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_26greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_27greenwood_wedding_photography_bekah&josh_28


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