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Kate & Zack | Indianapolis Wedding Photography

Where do I even begin?! I feel like I’m saying it a lot these days, but you know, it’s always been true – we have THE BEST clients.:)Kate & Zack are such a sweet couple – and it was an honor to be able to document their wedding day. While they do now call Chicago home, Kate & Zack tied the knot at St. Roch (I feel like that should be on a T-shirt or something – “Tie the knot at St. Roch” …has a ring to it…I digress), and partied the night away at Valle Vista in Greenwood.

vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_01vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_02vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_03vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_04During their “Not-First Look”, they were clapping hands out of their excitement to get married…:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_05Kate has such a timeless beauty, don’t you think?!vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_06vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_07I think Zack is happy to finally see his bride…:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_08vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_09vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_10vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_11Mr. & Mrs.!!vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_12vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_13We LOVE it when the bridal party is AWESOME and has a sense of humor! SO. MUCH. FUN.:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_14Kate & Zack’s pup, Charlie, even joined us for a few portraits.:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_15Hey there, Indy, you look good. 😉 You do, too, Kate & Zack.:):):)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_16vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_17OK, I couldn’t decide between the next two – so you get to see ’em both! And you know, they’re both my favorite!:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_18vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_19vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_20vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_21‘Atta girl. 😉vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_22vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_23vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_24One of Zack’s good friends couldn’t be at the wedding, but he was still there in spirit.:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_25vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_26vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_27vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_28Zack had to do a few push-ups and squats to deem himself worthy of the garter…ha!:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_29vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_30Just the best reaction we’ve seen from the garter toss.:)vallevista_wedding_photograph_kate&zack_31



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