Recent Happenings with the Smiths | Plot Twist!

“When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, ‘PLOT TWIST!’ and move on.”

Not sure who really said that, but I figured it was suitable for our life at this moment. 🙂


At the beginning of November 2016, Brandon was laid off (along with multiple others) from his day job in Indianapolis. It came as quite a shock – and it didn’t help that I was 35 weeks pregnant and a bit emotional already. (Ugh, talk about stress!) So for the past 4 months, Brandon has been on the job hunt. And we’re considering moving out of state if the right job takes us there.

We’re excited about the possibilities – all the while, saddened to be potentially leaving our family and friends. It truly is a bittersweet situation. And with all that being said, we are not exactly able to book any photo sessions for the 2017 calendar year, as we don’t know where we’ll be in the next few months. What I may do is offer some at-home lifestyle sessions in the immediate future (like over the next 6 weeks or so)…I’m anxious to shoot…who’s in?!

We’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as to what happens – and regardless of where we end up, if we move out of state, we’ll always be coming back to Indy to visit. So we should still be able to schedule some photo sessions for our Indy families and friends here! Hopefully we’ll have some answers soon, but in the mean time, maybe send out some good vibes for us. 🙂



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