David Ramirez & The Lone Bellow Concert | The Bluebird, Bloomington

Last Thursday night, Brandon and I dropped the kiddos off with the grandparents, and headed down to Bloomington, IN to the Bluebird Nightclub to see The Lone Bellow perform. Now typically, we don’t always love the opening performer for a music show, but then David Ramirez came out. Well, needless to say, we have a new music artist to follow. 🙂 I think our current favorite of his is “Find the Light.

bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_01We love an artist that can have soft, light acoustical songs, but then can also have more of a blues-y/rock’n feel. Like “Good to be Bad.” bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_02bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_03Then The Lone Bellow came out. And my life was complete. 😉 bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_04bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_05The audience participation that night was stellar.bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_06It’s hard to choose a favorite of theirs, but a top contender is “Watch Over Us”. Gives me chills – every.single.time. (The other is “Two Sides of Lonely”, which they didn’t do at this concert…guess that means we need to see them again. 😉 )bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_07bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_08bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_09Oh, and how could I not mention that in their encore they sang “End of The Road” (Boyz II Men) and “All My Life” (KC & JoJo). Hilarious and so much to belt out along with them! 🙂 bungalowphotography_2016_davidramirez_thelonebellow_10

Go buy their albums. Now. You won’t regret it. 🙂


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