Nicole, Mike, & Grace | Indianapolis Family Photography

We love getting involved. The past couple of years, we’ve donated summer photo sessions to the Make-A-Wish BIG Wish Gala Fundraiser, and this year, the highest bidder was Grace’s sweet family! 🙂 And can you believe it…Grace is 2 years old! She is such a vibrant, happy little girl – who looooves to run! Anytime her feet touched the ground, she was off! It’s no wonder Nicole & Mike look so great. 😉 We loved getting a chance to catch up with this awesome family, and hopefully we’ll get to see them again next year (wink wink, nudge nudge). 😉

Indianapolis Family Photographyindianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_02indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_03 A favorite!indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_04indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_05indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_06indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_07 Love how Grace is snuggling in with her daddy here. So sweet. indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_08 Another favorite! indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_09indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_10 That little crinkly-nosed smile is so cute. 🙂indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_11indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_12 🙂indianapolis_family_photographers_grace2yr_13



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