Whitney, Adam, Isaac, Noah, & Gideon | Greenwood Family Photography

Before leaving town, I made sure I had time to capture this amazing family. Whitney & Adam and their 3 little sweeties had me over to their home in Greenwood a few weeks back, and we had a great time catching up, drinking coffee, and playing trains. 🙂 You may remember Whitney & Adam’s story – how a little over one year ago, Adam was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. And now, being one year out from brain surgery while he was awake(!), his scans are stable showing no signs of progression. Incredible news!

Their world has been turned upside down, and yet they persevere with smiles on their faces. Whitney & Adam are incredible examples of strength and love to their 3 boys, who are just some of the sweetest I’ve ever met. Isaac, who will be starting kindergarten in the fall, is a budding photographer himself. He followed me around “taking photos” with his own toy phone stating he got a keeper (multiple times). Noah is an avid lover of trains and still has that goofy and sweet nature about him – I hope that never changes. And Gideon is really coming into his own – but let’s face it, he is, by far, Adam’s mini-me. 🙂

Adam & Whitney continue to share their story – Adam has been doing some public speaking about his journey, and they both share their thoughts and reflections in their blogs (his and hers). If you are able, please consider giving to this sweet family to help support them through this time in their lives.




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