Recent Happenings with the Smiths | Leaving the Bungalow

Whew! Where do I even begin?! I’m just gonna start…and see where this takes us. 😉

This has been the most hectic, stressful, and emotional half-year of our lives. So, as you know, Brandon has been riding the unemployment train for the past 7 months (wah waaaah). We were considering relocating to multiple markets across the country, just needed to find the right fit for Brandon’s job. For a while, it was looking promising in Seattle as Brandon progressed in the interview process with an employer there. (Y’all know how we LOVE Seattle!) Whelp, that didn’t pan out due to company budgeting reasons, and to be honest, we were crushed. We were crushed for multiple reasons: it’s been a dream of ours to live in the PNW; the job sounded pretty awesome; and did I mention how much we love Seattle?! So after picking ourselves back up after that devastation in March, we kept searching. And searching. Brandon went to many interviews, but nothing really seemed to click. Until this company in Rockville, Maryland reached out. VIVA Creative. Every interview Brandon had with them just felt solid. He said he immediately felt like he “fit “with the people who interviewed him. Thankfully, the job offer came on May 22 – with a start date of June 5. (That’s only 2 weeks, friends.) Alright. Game on. Maryland, here we come. 🙂

Luckily (and I mean that by EVERY sense of the word), we had already sold our house at the beginning of the year and were renting the house back on a month-by-month basis. So, it just came down to us having to pack our stuff, find a rental house in Maryland, and get on the road. (Granted, there’s sooooo much more than that, but for my own sanity, that’s how I had to look at it to keep it together!) Brandon traveled back out to Maryland for a couple of days shortly after the job offer was received in order to find a rental house for our family. We were hopeful that we’d find a nice, clean house, in a good school district (hard to believe Oscar is starting kindergarten this fall!), and that was relatively close to Brandon’s work. Luckily (I feel like I’ve used that word a lot, no?), Brandon succeeded, and we secured the house within a few days so we would have a place to land at the beginning of June.

Before leaving, we made time for getting together with each side of our family – which was incredibly hard. I mean, downright, awful. Brandon and I are both SOOO incredibly close to our families, it truly pains us to have to be so far away from them. That last weekend before moving, we would leave a family gathering, and then spend the next 12 hours questioning whether we were making the biggest mistake of our lives by leaving behind those so dear to us. Neither one of us have ever lived more than a couple of hours from “home”, so this was a BIG move for us.

We feel very lucky to have such amazing families and to have those relationships that makes it so hard to leave…but we had to keep reminding ourselves that we needed to get back to work (who needs to pay bills?!), we needed to keep pushing forward, and we needed to hope for the best. And when push came to shove, if we needed a family fix, we could make it home in a 10-hr drive. That’s doable! 🙂

On our last night in the Bungalow, we had our buddy, Eldon, come by to take just a few photos of us in front of the house. This was a house where some great memories were made over the past 9 years. It was the first house we ever purchased. It was the house where we started a business. It was the house we brought our puppies home to. And then the house we brought our babies home to. We learned a lot from this house – like, sometimes, it sucks to own an old home (Oy. The maintenance! See below, notice how we started painting the exterior trim, but then I got pregnant with Ben and couldn’t finish…ha!) But the main thing this house taught us was that if we tackled those tasks together as a team, it would all work out.

We loved our bungalow. 6202 was good to us, and hopefully now it can be good to a new family.



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