Recent Happenings with the Smiths | 100 Years Young

July 9th. It was a perfectly sunny, summer day in Indiana. We spent the day eating, lounging by the pool, talking and laughing, watching the kiddos play water games, and then ended the day with a fireworks show. To many, July 9th is just another summer day – but to us, it’s the day our family celebrates a great woman. And this year, it was extra special. My Great Aunt Jean just celebrated 100 years of living.

Now, I know that we had only been in Maryland 5 weeks, but this is one of those family events you just can’t miss. And to make it even better, we didn’t tell Aunt Jean and surprised her! So we made a long-weekend trip back to Indy to share in such a special day. It was so great to spend time with family, and Aunt Jean came up to me multiple times throughout the day to tell me just how happy she was that we came all the way back just for her. And that right there made the 10 hour drive with 3 kids (5-yrs and under, no less) worth it. 🙂




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