Recent Happenings with the Smiths | Oscar’s Kindergarten Adventure

We met the teacher last week, saw the classroom, and found his cubby – and you could just see him taking it all in. He was excited and nervous. He was quiet and shy. I knew going into this time of our lives, it would be a bit overwhelming for him. But overall, he has done sooooo so well with all the transitions over the past few months. He’s ready for this.

Today, he starts his Kindergarten adventure. It’s the first time he’ll be in a classroom environment (he didn’t do preschool), and the first time being away from family (we were lucky enough back in Indy to have family nearby when we needed sitters). You can tell he’s feeling all the emotions – just like I am. Last week, he was counting down the days to start school. Yesterday, he said that he didn’t need me to be there for him when he got off the bus, and that he could do it himself. Then, this morning, he said he didn’t want to leave home and didn’t want to meet new kids. Aaaand he didn’t get on the bus this morning because he was scared. It’s hard to say he’s ready for this.

So, we loaded up the van and followed the bus to school. There were kids, parents, and teachers flowing into the school. We walked in the double-doors and found his teacher. He sat in line quietly, he listened to his teacher, and he followed directions. He walked in line with his classmates, down the hall to the classroom. He’s ready for this.

As I sit here, I’m hopeful he’ll have a great day, but nervous that at any moment his heart might be sad. I find myself wondering what he’s doing about every other minute. I know it will take a little bit of time – that it will get easier and that he’ll quickly grow to love his adventures away from home. And I know, deep down, we’re ready for this.





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