Recent Happenings with the Smiths | The First Month

We’re 4 weeks in and surviving. That’s all you can ask for, right?! Ha! Honestly, we’re doing well. It’s taken a bit to get settled (will the boxes ever be fully unpacked?!) but we’re slowly making this rental house a bit more like home.

The first couple of weeks here were rough. Just being honest. We definitely felt like Maryland was rejecting us…(maybe it is?!)

When we arrived, we assumed the utilities would just be transferred into our names, but come to find out, they had completely turned the gas off and we couldn’t get someone out to turn it back on for another 5 days. Sooo, that meant no hot water. Luckily, our friends nearby had us over for dinner and hot showers (ha!) that next evening so we could feel a bit better after the stressful move.

Then the next morning, Brandon woke up with an eye swollen shut, so he had to go to the Minute Clinic nearby to see what happened. He has recurring eye issues (mainly styes), but this was a whole different level. Turns out it is was blepharitis (probably due to stress and getting dust/dirt in his eye while moving). The nurse practitioner gave him an ointment to help out, but the swelling lasted for a few more days after that. Oh, and did I mention that the very next day was his first day of work at his brand new job with VIVA? Soooo, he showed up with a swollen eye and wearing his glasses. But he showed up and still managed to work well and fit in with his coworkers right off the bat – so that’s a win!

Within 3 days of our arrival, we ALL got some sort of stomach bug. Charlie had the worst of it – she couldn’t keep anything down for about 36 hours. The rest of us were queasy with no appetite for a couple of days – not to mention other bathroom issues. And this all happened while we still didn’t have hot water. So to attempt to wash the kids, I had to boil water on the electric stove and rag-wash them. Not the easiest thing to do. Once the gas man finally came out to turn on the gas that Wednesday, he discovered that the hot water heater needed repaired before we could use it. Seriously!? So, I promptly called our landlord as we needed hot water, like, yesterday. HA! She said her plumber was unavailable that day, but gave me the go-ahead to call another plumber to get it fixed that day. After calling 5 different plumbers in the area, I was able to secure someone to come out that afternoon. You better believe I took the longest and hottest shower that evening. It was amazing.

So after a really rough first week, we made the most of our second/third weeks by finally cleaning and unpacking the house! Also, Brandon was able to attend a Washington Nationals baseball game (in a suite!) with his VIVA team as they finished a project for them. And he was asked to help produce a video shoot in Albany, NY that week for Audi, so he’s getting exposed to all sorts of things right off the bat, not to mention some cool business perks and connections!

This past week, we got Oscar all signed up for kindergarten and were able to tour the school. He seems excited about going – about every other day he asks when he’ll get to go there with all the other kids. Charlie is sad that she won’t get to go to school with him, but I think she’ll be a good helper with Benjamin once Oscar heads out to school during the week. School here doesn’t start until after Labor Day, so we’re excited to make the most of this summer, doing and seeing as much as we can.

Benjamin finally cut those bottom two teeth over the last week. So he’s been WAY grouchy. Like, baby-turned-Devil grouchy. (Don’t let the photos below of his smiling face fool you…) And he’s fully crawling now and pulling himself up on things. He’s definitely learning a lot really quickly (yay!) – but that just means he hasn’t been sleeping really well (boo!) Hopefully we’ll get back to our regular sleep schedule soon, I’m not sure my coffee consumption is at a safe level these days.

We have done a few fun things over the past couple of weeks. We visited the National Zoo. The kiddos had their first ride on the metro, which they thought was really cool. We’ve been to a couple of nice parks in the area. We had Brandon’s parents out for a weekend visit. We’ve had some nearby friends come over to visit. (Which I’ll openly admit has made life much, MUCH easier being able to see those friendly faces!)

All in all, we’ve had some ups and downs, but who doesn’t? We’ve definitely had some “learning experiences”, that’s for sure. We’re trying to stay positive…it’s not always easy. But we’re thankful for awesome family and friends, and the technology that keeps us connected. And if all else fails, I just sing that song from “Trolls” (anyone else have kiddos that are obsessed with that movie?!)

“If something goes a little wrong
Well you can go ahead and bring it on
‘Cause if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again.”

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